2024 River Trip - Photography Skills Workshop

Palisades Rainbow

April 26th - 28th, 2024

This workshop is designed to prepare you for the photography opportunities we expect to experience during our river trip. We will do this by establishing proper photography techniques to develop a repeatable camera workflow for you to follow when making a photo. The workshop's primary goal is for you to feel confident with your camera to create predictable and repeatable results while getting the most out of your camera's capabilities. Doing this will allow you to maximize your time studying light and focusing your efforts on composition during the river trip.

Skills & Techniques

  • The following skills and techniques will be taught during the workshop:
  • Configuring your camera's menu for landscape photography.
  • The Image Creation Workflow.
  • Understanding and evaluating the Luminance and RGB histograms.
  • Exposure control for raw files.
  • Review shutter types: Mechanical, Electronic, and Electronic Front Curtain Shutter.
  • When to use Exposure Bracketing.
  • Managing depth-of-field.
  • Focus Bracketing to achieve superior image quality and open up new creative potential.
  • Using a circular polarizer filter to manage reflections and balance dynamic range.
  • Creating compositions with wide-angle lenses to take advantage of interesting foreground elements.
  • Using mid-range to long telephoto lenses to isolate the subject using the art of subtraction.
  • Working with different aspect ratios such as 16:9, 4:3, 3:1, and 65:24 (Xpan).
  • Panoramic Stitching.
A photography workshop group at the Grand Canyon.

Group Size

Space in this workshop is limited. Grand Canyon National Park's regulations for photography workshops on the rim of the canyon limit groups to having no more than 8 tripods set up within the group.

Sunlight on Canyon Waves

Photography Locations

We will photograph from a mix of named and unnamed locations in the park. Due to the nature of chasing light and adapting to the unpredictability of landscape photography, the itinerary will remain fluid. As photographers, we must be able to adapt to changes in light & weather and constantly adapt. This means that while we may go somewhere with a specific shot in mind, we will be ready to adapt to changes and see the new opportunities as they are presented.


Day 1 of the workshop begins with a meet and greet at 3:00 p.m. at Red Feather Lodge in Tusayan, Arizona. We will then caravan as a group into the park for the first sunset session from a location on Desert View Drive. Topics covered include setting up your camera for landscape photography, focusing & depth-of-field, and getting the best exposure possible, including understanding & evaluating the camera's histogram. We will return to Red Feather Lodge after sunset.

Day 2
begins early with a sunrise session using long exposures to capture the hidden light and color of the pre-dawn world. After sunrise, we will work with more intimate scenes in the canyon by using telephoto lenses and the "art of subtraction" to build compositions highlighting the many temples, ridges, and buttes within the canyon. After the sunrise session, we will return to Tusayan for breakfast, followed by a critique session in the meeting room at Red Feather Lodge.

We will head back into the park in the early afternoon to work on panoramic stitching and using focus bracketing to achieve maximum detail and open up new creative composition possibilities that aren't possible with traditional focusing methods. We will finish by photographing the sunset near the East Rim of the canyon and the Palisades of the Desert.

Day 3
, the last day of the workshop, ends with a sunrise session from Lipan Point, where we will photograph from an overlook with a commanding view of the Colorado River. After sunrise, the group will return to Tusayan for breakfast and to answer any follow-up questions about the topics covered during the workshop.

Soaking in the Sunset

What's Not Included?

Meals, lodging, transportation, and Grand Canyon National Park entrance fees are not provided. We will caravan as a group to our photography locations.


I have arranged for a discounted group rate at Red Feather Lodge in the town of Tusayan, located 1 mile from the entrance to the National Park. The nightly rate is approximately $212.00, including tax and housekeeping gratuity. You can also stay at another hotel or lodge if you prefer, but please keep in mind that we will be meeting at Red Feather Lodge.

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I look forward to seeing you at the Grand Canyon!

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