Photography as Art in Corporate Spaces

Fine art photography can transform a conventional corporate or commercial space into a creative, engaging, and dynamic area where clients and employees can interact.

Fine art landscape photography in a corporate space.

The role of fine art photography in interior design is very versatile. It can change space, create mood, convey feelings, and express your brand's connection to its clients.

Interior designers say that a photograph is a more flexible tool for decorating rooms than a painting and can fit more harmoniously into an interior.

Fine Art Photography for the Workplace

A large metal print in a modern design studio.

For corporate business spaces, fine art photography throughout your facilities adds to your employees’ and visitors’ enjoyment.

Fine art photography works very well in reception areas, hallways, meeting rooms, and office walls.

Adam can work with you to complete a space by providing mockups of the space where you wish to hang artwork with the photographs you’ve selected. This way, you can visualize how the photograph will look in the space.

Fine Art Photography for Hotels & Resorts

Photography as art for hotels in the lobby, front desk, dinning, and other common areas.

Fine art photography reflects your brand's style and luxurious image while creating a welcoming environment for your guests.

Adam has worked with the interior design teams for several hotels, resorts, and many boutique resort properties for display in their lobbies, dining rooms, and other common areas.

In addition to being available as fine art prints, Adam's work can be licensed to use as wall coverings.

For Spaces with Lots of Windows & Reflections

Standard acrylic has been used in the art world for many years to protect valuable art pieces. Modern acrylic is as clear as glass while being lighter, thus making it easier to hang. Standard acrylic has a reflective surface and is often dust-prone due to static build-up.

Special care must be taken when cleaning it, as you cannot use anything abrasive such as paper towels, and you cannot use window or glass cleaners on standard acrylic.

Another drawback to standard acrylic is that, like metal prints, it is prone to showing reflections from windows and nearby lights.

TruLife® is an innovative, museum-grade, anti-reflective, abrasion-resistant acrylic with incredible depth and clarity that preserves the print's finest details for the highest-resolution viewing experience possible.

TruLife® virtually eliminates reflections while blocking up to 99% of UV rays. It has a durable hard coat that protects against scratches, and its anti-static properties repel dust. Best of all, it cleans like glass, meaning no special acrylic cleaners are needed.

Learn more about Luxe prints with TruLife® acrylic

Image Quality

Adam uses a 100-megapixel medium format camera with high-quality professional lenses. For much of his work, he uses modern techniques such as focus bracketing to achieve incredible clarity throughout the frame and panoramic stitching to create super-high-resolution images that can be resized to fit any space and budget, including mural-sized prints. The result is a photograph with fine detail, beautiful color, and the ability to make custom-sized prints as large as you can imagine.

What They Are Saying

Stella Kramer ~ Pulitzer Prize-winning photo editor
“I love these photos! These are the photos that if I’m sitting in a terrible gray office on a typical New York gray day with tons of snow on the ground…oh man, I’d like to imagine myself in these photos.”

Ed Gussio, President of Benefit Logic, Inc. ~ Arizona
“Benefit Logic is thrilled with our Adam Schallau print! We looked at many fine art photographers before choosing Adam. He has a phenomenal gallery from which to choose from, and even took the time to create mock-ups so that I could see what it would look like on our wall. We receive compliments all the time! Thank you, Adam.”

Erin Regan - Local Language for the Ritz Carlton
"Thank you for being a pleasure to work with and providing amazing artwork files to print. The work will be amazing once installed. We’re happy to have had the opportunity to place your work, and hope to have another project for you soon!"

Working with Adam Schallau, Professional Photographer

Adam is a full-time professional photographer who greatly enjoys working with his clients to find the right piece for their projects. In addition to his original fine art photography in his image gallery, he is available for commissions for bespoke art projects, giving your brand a unique touch.