Private Photography Workshops

See the Grand Canyon Thru The Lens of Adam Schallau

A private Grand Canyon photo workshop with Adam is all about you as it is custom tailored to your schedule, your photographic needs, and your skill level. It includes Adam sharing his photographic expertise as your photograph from some of his favorite locations in the park.

I am committed to sharing with you what motivates and inspires me with the aim of helping you realize your creative vision. ~ Adam Schallau

What We Do on a Workshop

We will visit and photograph from a variety of scenic locations along the rim of the Grand Canyon. Along the way Adam will cover the techniques he uses to get sharp and well-exposed images, how he manages focus and depth-of-field control, using filters, and planning a photo session to get the most out of your limited time.

In addition to technique, Adam will also share with you his approach to creating a variety of compositions including wide-angle grand scenics, working with foreground anchors, leading lines, s-curves, layered landscapes, and intimate scenes. If the weather permits, we will also photograph the dark night sky above the Grand Canyon. You will be able to take what you learn here with Adam and apply to any location or subject.

What Makes These Workshops Special?

This is simple, you make these workshops special! Because it’s about what you will experience at the canyon, what you will learn, and what you will create. Adam looks forward to working with you! Read the reviews and see what Adam’s fans have to say about his Grand Canyon photo workshops.

Adam’s Experience

Adam has spent over 700 days exploring and photographing the Grand Canyon, from the South Rim, the North Rim and below the rim including covering all 277 miles of the Colorado River within the park. In addition to that, he has lived in the park as the Artist-in-Residence for Grand Canyon National Park. During this time he gained invaluable experience photographing the Grand Canyon in all conditions including snow, rain, dust storms, and lightning. The result is that you will not find another photographer that knows the park better or is more passionate about the Grand Canyon. Read the reviews and see what Adam’s fans have to say about his Grand Canyon photo workshops.

Friends and Family

Let us know if you’re traveling with family or friends as we can create an experience that is just as fun and informative for them too! One friend or family member may tag along with each paid participant (‘participant’ is defined as someone who will potentially be using a tripod and has paid the workshop fee). The friend or family member is welcome and encouraged to bring a camera!

Pricing & Availability

Private workshops range in length from a half-day afternoon through sunset tour, to week-long adventures. The price for a private workshop or photo tour fluctuates with the season with half-day trips starting at $425.

Please contact Sally or Adam for current pricing and availability. Feel free to send us a message, email us, or call us at (928) 864-6423 anytime!


  • Type: Workshop or Tour

  • Participants: 1 to 7

  • Skill Level: Beginner to Pro

  • Fitness Difficulty: Low to Moderate

Booking a Workshop or Tour

Contact us to get more information or to reserve your dates. You’re welcome to send us a message, email us, or call us at (928) 864-6423 anytime! We look forward to hearing from you!

Message us!

“I just wanted to drop you a quick ‘thank you’ in providing me with such an awesome workshop! It’s rare to find someone with your talents that also has the ability to communicate effectively and provide an atmosphere that is inspiring to learn within.”

Dan DeubleinDan Deublein, Arizona

“Early mornings and late nights!!! You keep it moving during your workshops, but it all is worth it at the end… Great pictures, great friend and overall just an amazing experience!! I recommend it highly!!! Thanks again!!”

Mark Short, Texas

“I’ve just completed my third Grand Canyon workshop with Adam, and they just keep getting better. He’s been very sensitive to my skill level each time and offers just the kind of advice I’m ready for.”

Art PiccinatiArthur Piccinati, Arizona

“I signed up for my first workshop with Adam with a love of photography, but as a novice of “real” camera equipment and no experience. Somehow I convinced Adam to take me on, and he promised to help me learn to use the gear. His love and knowledge of photography as well as the Grand Canyon are unmatched!”

Holly DeanHolly Dean, Iowa

“Grand Canyon photography workshop was awesome! The insight to the canyon Adam shared was so informative and the instruction concise. So helpful in getting you comfortable with all aspects of shooting landscape photography. Would highly recommend his workshops to anyone working on improving their landscape photography.”

Darlene-MDarlene M