The Arca-Swiss Core 75 Leveler CP (ClicPan®) geared tripod head for stitched panoramic photos.

Arca-Swiss Core 75 Leveler CP (ClicPan®)

The Core 75 Leveler CP (ClicPan®) is a geared tripod head featuring a panoramic interval rotator, base and top panning, and precise micro-metric movements of +/- 15° in the X/Y axes. With easy handling and quick camera leveling, this versatile tripod head is well-suited for architectural, landscape, and panoramic photography.

Arca-Swiss loaned me a copy of this tripod head for evaluation. It's a great piece of kit when combined with the Pan System Pro for making multi-row stitched panoramas. It is also a great option for anyone who wants to go very lightweight and doesn't have a need to shoot straight down or straight up. There are many people who view the Core 75 Leveler as a "Mini Cube."

Details & Specs
• Panorama setting can be changed quickly by simply rotating the clicPan® adjustment ring to the setting of your choice
• 10 selectable detent interval options with audible and tactile "clic" stops
• 360° unrestricted free panning when set to the "OFF" detent position
• Self-locking, micro-metric geared movements
• Works well with DSLR, medium format or technical cameras
• Weighs 1.5 lbs / 690 gr with a load capacity 66 lbs / 30 kg
• Horizontal tilt +/- 15°, vertical tilt +/- 15°
• Dual panning mechanisms - 360° base and top pan
• Telescoping knobs for ease of use when fully tilted
• Choice of quick release - Classic, flipLock® or monoball®Fix. Compatible camera plates: Classic or monoball®Fix

ClicPan® panoramic rotator: Interval options

• 40° (9 stops)
• 30° (12 stops)
• 24° (15 stops)
• 20° (18 stops)
• 15° (24 stops)
• 12° (30 stops)
• 10° (36 stops)
• 7.5° (48 stops)
• 6° (60 stops)
• OFF for 360° free panning

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