What to do if your order arrives damaged

Please be advised that you have 48 hours from the delivery time to inspect your order for damages and report the damages to Adam Schallau Photography. After 48 hours, claims cannot be honored for replacement.

How to Open Crates Sealed with Screws
Boxes must be opened along the screws for the product quality guarantee.
Boxes opened in any other manner cannot be honored for the product quality guarantee.
It would be best to use a power drill with a Phillips head pattern bit: otherwise, a regular screwdriver will do, albeit slower.

    What to do if your Shipment Arrives Damaged
    If the crate/box shows signs of minor damage, it is your right to inspect the art before signing to take delivery of it. Please do so before refusing delivery. Please ensure that the driver notes that the crate/box was damaged. Submit photos of the damage as explained below.

    What to do if you Discover Damage After Receipt
    If you accept the shipment and discover damages after receiving the shipment, please keep the original packaging, including the crate/box, foam corners (if any have been used), and all other inner packing materials. Submit photos of the damage as explained below.

    Photographing the Signs of Damage to the Crate/Box and Contents
    If you find any damages during the inspection, submit at least six or more digital photographs of all signs of damage to the crate/box, inner packaging, the print, the framing, etc. Please be sure to photograph from close up and afar, and ensure they are as sharp as possible.

    When to Refuse Delivery
    Please refuse delivery if shipping damages are extremely noticeable, with large punctures to the outside, broken crate, or any apparent damages to the inner content. Please ensure proper notation by the driver and follow the instructions for providing photos documenting the damages.

    Special note regarding crates: Do not accept the shipment if the lid of the crate is not screwed to the crate. Do not accept the shipment if the crate is heavily taped with clear tape, as we do not use clear tape. If clear tape has been used, the carrier has resealed the crate.

    Replacement Orders
    A request for repair or replacement can only be honored if submitted within 48 hours of receipt of the delivery. We want to replace or repair your order as soon as possible, and following the instructions above will ensure a faster claim or replacement.

    Damages Incurred After Delivery
    Neither Adam Schallau Photography nor any affiliated carrier is responsible for damages incurred during hanging or secondary transportation after initial delivery. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that each piece be carefully inspected upon receipt.