Hotels and Lodges at the Grand Canyon

Train Depot and El Tovar

The historic log cabin train depot and El Tovar Hotel at Grand Canyon National Park. Photo copyright © Adam Schallau, All Rights Reserved.

Grand Canyon National Park is split between the South Rim and North Rim, be sure to select accommodations on the appropriate rim.

The South Rim includes both Grand Canyon Village, which is located within the park near the rim of the canyon, and Tusayan, Arizona, which is located 1 mile from the park entrance and approximately 7 miles from the rim of the canyon.

The North Rim is quite remote by today’s standards and has only 1 lodge located in the park. There are two additional lodges located outside the park that require lengthy drives to reach the park.

South Rim – Grand Canyon Village, In the Park

There are several hotels and lodges located within Grand Canyon National Park on the South Rim. All are located on or very near the rim of the canyon, with the exception of Maswik Lodge and Yavapai Lodge. While staying on or near the canyon's rim can seem nice, it's important to understand that parking for these lodges is very limited and can be difficult to find if you're returning to your lodge well after sunset.

I recommend staying at Yavapai Lodge as it has lots of parking and the rooms are nice, especially the Yavapai "East" units.

South Rim, Tusayan - Outside the Park

Many of my workshop clients elect to stay outside the Parkin the town of Tusayan, Arizona, located about 1 mile from the main entrance into the park. I recommend staying at Red Feather Lodge, which has been recently remodeled and offers good value.

North Rim – In the Park

There's only one lodge located inside Grand Canyon National Park on the North Rim, and that's the Grand Canyon Lodge. This lodge is actually made up of a bunch of quaint old cabins built back in the 1930s forming a "village" of sorts. The lodge also has a small motel section in addition to the cabins, but if you're looking for an authentic North Rim experience, you will want to stay in the cabins.

North Rim – Outside the Park

There are two more lodges located relatively near the North Rim, Kaibab Lodge, located about 5 miles from the entrance to the park, and Jacob Lake Inn, about 45 miles from the entrance. Kaibab Lodge adds about 30 minutes of drive time to reach the views. Jacob Lake Inn is only an option of last resort due to it being so far away from the viewpoints.

At the Bottom!

If you're hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, there's only one place to stay, and that's at Phantom Ranch.