I am a brand ambassador for several manufactures of photography related equipment including Really Right Stuff and Rollei.

Really Right Stuff makes what I feel are hands-down the best camera support systems available today including tripods and ballheads.

Rollei, you may remember their name because your dad possibly use their film cameras, is manufacturing beautifully made filters and filter holders.

Both companies listen to what their photographers have to say when we provide feedback about the products, and share what we like and what we think could be improved. I won’t represent a brand unless I believe in their products and use them myself.

I’ve been purchasing my gear from B&H Photo for almost 20 years. They have consistently had the best prices, they always provide top-notch customer service, and they have a great return policy. You could spend your time shopping around on the web and wondering if you made the right decision, or you could buy from B&H.

If you find the information on this page, or any of the other content here to be useful, please consider supporting this site by purchasing your photo equipment through B&H Photo by using the links above, or by visiting the My Gear page on the B&H website.