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Grand Canyon National Park 100 Views

Grand Canyon National Park 100 Views

I'm thrilled to announce that the new book celebrating the centennial of Grand Canyon National Park features my work on the cover. The book titled Grand Canyon National Park: 100 Views is published by the Grand Canyon Conservancy, and it features the work of thirty-one photographers and is written by Scott Thybony. 

I couldn't be more pleased with the photo that was selected for the cover. This photo, titled Revelation, was the final photograph I created as an Artist-in-Residence at Grand Canyon National Park, and it was captured on my last day living in the park. The first print of this photo is part of the park’s ‘Museum Collection.’

As you may know, Grand Canyon National Park is a special place for me, and I refer to it as my artistic home. For the past ten years, I have made it my mission to be an ambassador for Grand Canyon. It is through my photographs and stories that I share my interpretation of what makes the canyon a place that deserves to be protected and preserved for future generations. I’m beyond humbled to be part of this fantastic book project celebrating Grand Canyon National Park.

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