News And Field Notes: 2020 Sedona Photography Symposium - January 30, 2020

I am excited to announce that for a second year I will be presenting a workshop, actually two workshops, for the Sedona Photography Symposium! I'll be joining other presenters including Deborah Sandidge, Dan Ballard, John Barclay, Michael Frye, Karen Hutton, Mike Moats, Sean Parker and Rafael Pons of PhotoPills!

The symposium is a great way to learn in an upbeat, casual, and welcoming environment. You will return home a better photographer with an experience that will invigorate your artistic juices and help you further define your personal creativity, vision or style.

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Last year's workshop was a huge success and I'm sure this year's will be even better! I'll be leading a pair of workshops at Grand Canyon National Park in the days following the symposium. The first workshop will run from August 24th to 26th on the South Rim of the canyon, and the second workshop will run from the afternoon of the 26th through the morning of the 28th on the North Rim.  

I am incredibly excited to be part of the symposium and to work alongside this incredible lineup of fellow professional photographers who are coming to Sedona in August. You can learn more about the Sedona Photography Symposium, the presenters, and the workshops I'm giving on their website.