News And Field Notes: National Geographic - Photographing The Grand Canyon - June 15, 2019

Last month I got an email from the Director of Photography at National Geographic Traveler magazine asking if I would be interested in sharing some tips for photographing the Grand Canyon. They had just published one of my photos of the canyon in the magazine, and they were becoming more familiar with my work.

I love sharing what I do, but I really enjoy helping others see the canyon in new and unique ways, so I happily agreed to be interviewed for this article. They set up a call with one of their writers, Zak Podmore, and we chatted for almost an hour about my experiences at the canyon. We talked about what makes it such a special place, the challenges in photographing it, and most importantly, what you can do to get amazing photos of the Grand Canyon.

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A screenshot of the National Geographic website with the article on how to take an amazing photo of the Grand Canyon.

The article is now online, along with a slideshow of my Grand Canyon images. You can read the article here: How to take an amazing photo of the Grand Canyon.

It was great to work with the team at National Geographic, and I look forward to the opportunity to do it again.