A Winter Panorama of Grand Canyon

January 23, 2020  |  Grand Canyon National Park

Earlier this month I was leading my annual winter photography workshop at Grand Canyon National Park. One of the techniques we work on during the time in the field is creating panoramic images by capturing multiple photos and later assembling them together to create the completed panorama.

The blue band of the Earth's shadow rises in the distant eastern sky as the glow of the setting sun bathes Grand Canyon a warm...

I demonstrated my panoramic technique several times over the course of the workshop . This image was made from Yaki Point just after sunset when the western sky is still glowing with the light of the setting sun and the blue band of the Earth Shadow is rising in the eastern sky.

To create this photograph I used the FUJIFILM GFX 50S medium format mirrorless camera and GF 32-64mm f/4 lens (equivalent to a 25-51mm lens on a full frame camera) on a Really Right Stuff TVC-24L tripod and BH-40 ballhead. I captured 8 images which were then later stitched together in Lightroom to create to final photograph.

My summer workshops offer some wonderful opportunities to photograph Grand Canyon, especially in the panoramic format, and I'll be giving more demonstrations on working with panoramic compositions and working through the technical challenges.