Youth Programs at Grand Canyon National Park

June 19, 2019  |  Grand Canyon National Park

I had the opportunity to work with a great group of kids yesterday at the Grand Canyon. Together we hiked along the rim searching for opportunities to frame the canyon through the trees. They invited me to join them for dinner (the quesadillas were awesome!), and afterwards, we went back out to the rim to photograph the sunset. They even persuaded me to let them use my telephoto lens to see the canyon in greater was cool to see their expressions as they zoomed in on the rapids of the Colorado River.

Adam Schallau working with kids from the Stewart L. Udall Parks in Focus program and the Grand Canyon Field School. June...

About the Program

The kids I was working with were all middle school aged students from across the Navajo and Hopi lands, and they are part of the Talent Search TRIO program of Northern Arizona University. They are spending six days at Grand Canyon National Park as part of the park's Canyon Field School program which is run in partnership with the Stewart L. Udall Parks in Focus Program.