Falling for Autumn in Colorado - Part II

November 30, 2020  |  San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Fall color in Colorado's mountains must be seen in person to appreciate what a treat it is for your senses truly. The air is crisp, and the aroma of autumn in the forest is everywhere. As the wind blows, the leaves dance on the branches until they finally let go, falling gently to the forest floor. Most of us go and spend days driving and hiking in the mountains to experience the visual treat that is fall color in the mountains courtesy of the magnificent aspen tree.

The photos below were made during the second half of my trip to Colorado this year, and they come from places in southwestern Colorado, in the San Juan Mountains, near the towns of Telluride and Ridgway.

If you haven't seen them already, there are more photos in Part I of my Falling for Autumn Colorado blog post where you can see the photographs I made in and around the high-altitude ski-town of Crested Butte.