Silver Grotto in Marble Canyon

Warm Light, Cool Water

The canyon walls of Marble Canyon reflect in a pool of water deep within the narrows of Silver Grotto. Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. This image, titled Marble Reflecting in Silver, is available as a fine art print on traditional photographic paper and as a Luxe acrylic print.

Photographer’s Notes

Time spent below the rim of the Grand Canyon is one of the most treasured experiences anyone could ever had. What you find is that the canyon is not just one canyon, but a collection of canyons bound together by the Grand. These other canyons, known as side-canyons, each have their own unique personalities and secrets to share with those who visit them.

The Colorado River travels through 277 miles of Grand Canyon National Park. The first 62 miles are through Marble Canyon, a truly incredible canyon in it’s own right. One of the many tributaries of Marble Canyon is Shinumo Wash which flows in from the east and desert of the Navajo Nation. Just short of the river, Shinumo Was cuts a deep canyon narrows known as Silver Grotto where it’s water collects in deep pools that almost never see sunlight.

We stopped at Silver Grotto on day 3 of my last Grand Canyon river trip to hike, explore, and photograph it. I had been warned by river guides that to reach the reflecting pools would require several climbs using ropes, and then we would have to swim through the reflecting pools to reach some of the best photography locations. After a couple of climbs, it was time for the first swim and I quickly learned why the boatman refer to this place as ‘Shiver Grotto.’