What’s In Adam’s Camera Bag?

Lowepro Rover Pro 45L AW and camera gear.

On any given day, whether I’m up shooting in the mountains, exploring a canyon in the desert, or roaming the streets of Santa Fe, I will typically grab my camera and just two lenses, and hit the trail.

Over the years I’ve owned a lot of equipment and I’ve hauled it with me into the wilderness, but nowadays I tend to shoot with one camera body and a few lenses. Why? In my opinion carrying too much photo gear leads to too many choices typically resulting in the photographer spending too much time trying to decide what lens he or she is going to shoot with; the end result is that you miss the shot.

You may notice that I own several camera bags. Well, I’m a confessed camera bag junkie, plus I’m sponsored by Lowepro. Ideally I’d only own one “perfect” bag, but there’s a problem with that…there is no perfect bag. But there are bags that are perfect for certain jobs, shooting styles, or situations.

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