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Grand Canyon Photography Workshop Itinerary

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  Here's the itinerary for the August 2013 Grand Canyon Photography Workshop. Thursday, August 1 Participants will meet in the lobby at Yavapai Lodge by 3:00pm where we will do introductions, have our workshop orientation, and review the itinerary. At 4:00pm you will be able to check into your room. We'll then head to the rim to photograph our first sunset. Friday,¬†August 2 We'll depart Yavapai Lodge early to catch sunrise at Yaki Point, one of the most magnificent locations in the park. After sunrise we will return to Yavapai Lodge and break for breakfast. After breakfast we will caravan to Grand Canyon Village for the first digital darkroom session where we will explore Adobe Lightroom 4 learning how to manage our collections of images, and how to develop an efficient image processing workflow.
Processing for A Hot Summer Day

Old car and gas pumps at Classical Gas in Embudo, New Mexico.

I wanted to share an image I made with a student on a recent workshop here in Taos, New Mexico. This scene was created at a new location that has recently been added to my photography workshop line-up. My processing goal with this image was to convey a sense of warmth, which doesn't always come through in a photo. This was accomplished with two part process beginning with capturing the scene using a warmer white balance setting than was recommended by the camera. The "correct" white balance rendered the scene in a pleasing, but neutral palette that left it feeling a bit cold. A white balance setting such as cloudy or shade gives the scene a warmer appearance. If you're working in raw (vs. jpeg), which you should be,