Sunset at the Grand Canyon.

Private Photography Workshops & Tours with Adam
at Grand Canyon National Park

About my private workshops & tours
Whether you are new to the world of photography, a knowledgeable amateur, or a seasoned professional, a private Grand Canyon workshop provides you with an opportunity to learn from, and to photograph alongside, someone that is passionate about this amazing place and the art of photography. Get the most out of your trip while learning new technical and creative photographic techniques, and photograph from some of the most stunning locations in the park. I’m committed to sharing with you what motivates and inspires me, and my goal is to help you realize your creative vision.

Personalized for You
All workshops are customized to your schedule and photographic needs. Before the workshop I will send you a short questionnaire, your answers will allow me to better understand your photographic skill level and what you would like to accomplish during the workshop. Then, working together we’ll develop a program that ensures that you get the most out of your time spent with me here at the canyon. Let me know if you’re traveling with family or friends as I can create a experience that is just as fun and informative for them too! See what past participants have had to say about my workshops on the workshop endorsements page.

Workshop Highlights

✅ On demand…just tell me when!

✅ Personalized for your needs & abilities

✅ 1-on-1 instruction

✅ Look over my shoulder, see how I work

✅ Perfect for small groups of friends and family

✅ South Rim, North Rim, or both! Your choice!

In addition to the above, Adam Schallau Photography is fully permitted to conduct photography workshops within Grand Canyon National Park, and our instructors & assistants are CPR & First Aid certified.

Contact us for rates & availability,
or to reserve your dates!

Possible Teaching & Discussion Topics

For new photographers

  • Review your camera’s settings, modes & buttons
  • Configure your camera for landscape photography
  • Lens changing precautions
  • Camera & lens cleaning methods
  • Relationship between ISO, shutter speed, and f-stop
  • Understanding the histogram
  • Getting a proper exposure
  • Bracketing exposures


  • Using Manual exposure mode
  • Controlling depth-of-field
  • Finding the hyperlocal point
  • Using live-view to focus
  • Selecting an ISO value to use
  • Using circular polarizer (CPL) filters
  • Using graduated neutral density (GND) filters
  • Creating multi-image stitched panoramic images
  • Capturing lightning (seasonal)
  • Photographing the Milky Way (seasonal)
  • The Rule of 500


  • Composition rules & when to break them
  • Seeing the light…the way the camera does
  • Using a wide-angle lens
  • Telephoto compression
  • Long-exposures
  • Near to far compositions
  • Layering elements in the landscape
  • Working with leading lines
  • How to take advantage of strong shadows
  • Working with soft light