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Places to camp at the Grand Canyon.


Places to Camp at the Grand Canyon

There are many places to camp when visiting the Grand Canyon, but do keep in mind that the national park is split between the South Rim and North Rim. The South Rim includes both Grand Canyon Village which is located within the park near the rim of the canyon and Tusayan, Arizona which is located 1-mile from the park entrance and approximately 7 miles from the rim of the canyon. The North Rim has 2 campgrounds located in the park, one near the Grand Canyon Lodge, and second, the very remote campground at Toroweap. There are two additional campgrounds located outside the park that require long drives to reach the park. Be sure to select a campground on the appropriate rim.

There are also several lodges, hotels, and motels to choose from on both rims. You can find a complete list on the Places to Stay When Visiting the Grand Canyon page.


South Rim – In the Park

South Rim – Outside the Park

North Rim – In the Park

North Rim – Outside the Park


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