Respect to Ansel Adams – Grand Canyon

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
Happy Birthday to Ansel Adams. He would have been 112 years old. I can’t possibly image the world of fine art landscape photography without him and the influence he has had on all of us. Perhaps his greatest gift to all of us was his advocacy for the preservation of wild lands and the creation of our National Parks.

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Hidden Light – Revealing the Grand Canyon

Clouds in the Grand Canyon.
The Grand Canyon is an amazing place. Of course we know it’s big, it’s nearly a mile deep, and we know that the Colorado River cuts a path through the canyon that is 277 miles long. But one of the many things that I love about the canyon is how weather interacts with it. 

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Last Light on Chimney Rock

Sunset at Chimney Rock in Colorado.
I had passed by this location many times on my journeys across the American Southwest. Often it was in the middle of the day when the light is directly overhead and becomes quite flat. On more than a few trips I had planned to be here just before sunset, but the best laid plans often get thrown out the window as we adapt to changing weather conditions or the desire to get home after a long trip.

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Grand Canyon Photography Gear Checklist

Photographing the Grand Canyon

So you’re planning the big, once in a lifetime, trip to the Grand Canyon. You’re probably wondering what camera gear you need to take to get the perfect shot. Equally as important as bringing the right camera gear, is bringing the right personal gear to best cope with the high-desert environment of northern Arizona.

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Reflecting on Autumn Color in Arizona

Aspen trees reflect in a pond.
Before I found my way to the art of landscape photography, I dabbled in other forms of art including creating pottery on the wheel and painting, working mostly with oils. I enjoyed creating pottery, and there’s a lot to be said for feeling your work take shape as wheel the spins and the clay shaped under your very own hands. But my heart belongs to the landscape. It is what I dream about and it is what I want to be surrounded by.

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Artwork Hanging & Presentation at Substratum Gallery

Sub Stra Tum Gallery in Durango
If you’re in the Durango, Colorado area, be sure to stop by Substratum Gallery where you can see my fine art prints on display and available for purchase. Substratum Gallery, located at at 1021 1/2 Main Street, specializes in fine art photography and is the brainchild of fine art photographer Joaquin Salazar and Gallery Director, Kristen McKinnon. My prints on display are each 24″x36″ in size, and they’re printed on aluminum. They are framed and have no glass to get in the way of proper viewing.

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Canyon in the Clouds – Temperature Inversion at the Grand Canyon

A temperature inversion fills the Grand Canyon with fog.

A rare weather phenomenon known as a temperature inversion fills the Grand Canyon with clouds. This happens when cold air is trapped below the rim by hot air above. This particular event is very rare in that the entire canyon has been filled with fog, something which only happens once every 10 years.

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2014 Custom Wall Calendar – Adam Schallau’s American West


The Calendar
My 2014 custom 8½” x 11″ spiral-bound wall calendars are now available to order. The calendar features locations from across the west including the Grand Canyon, Colorado, Sedona, the Rio Grande in New Mexico, and Bryce Canyon. Several of these photos are new and have never been published before including the cover image of a rainbow over the Rio Grande in New Mexico.

There will be a limited printing run of this calendar, and it’s only available by ordering it directly from me, you won’t find it anywhere else on the shelf or online. Makes a great Christmas gift for family, friends, or yourself!

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Angel’s View – North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon North Rim Sunset

On the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, near the lodge, you will find Bright Angel Point. From here, you have a commanding view of Deva, Brahma, and Zoraster temples, the South Rim, the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff, and down into Bright Angel Canyon. It’s a fantastic place to listen to the wind, feel the refreshing desert air, and experience a Grand Canyon sunset.

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Ghosts of Winter


A winter storm works its magic on the high-country surrounding Flagstaff, Arizona creating a ghostly scene in the forest.

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