Grand Canyon Chasing the Sun

Sunset at the Grand Canyon.
The Colorado River has been and is a major force when it comes to shaping the Grand Canyon, and yet the river is only visible from a few select points along the rim of the canyon. Still hard at work, the river has dug a deep channel and is often obscured from view by the many ridges, buttes, temples, and thrones that rise from the depths of the canyon. Seen here from the South Rim of the park, the river appears to be chasing the light of the setting sun, which is just moments will disappear below the distant horizon.

Title: Chasing the Sun
Date: July 2013
Camera& Lens: Nikon D800E & Nikkor 18-35mm f/3.5-5.4G
Exposure: 0.3 second at f/11, ISO 100.