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Angel’s View – North Rim of the Grand Canyon

On the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, near the lodge, you will find Bright Angel Point. From here, you have a commanding view of Deva, Brahma, and Zoraster temples, the South Rim, the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff, and down into Bright Angel Canyon. It's a fantastic place to listen to the wind, feel [...]

Angel’s View – North Rim of the Grand Canyon 2017-11-01T16:13:14+00:00

Ghosts of Winter

A winter storm works its magic on the high-country near Flagstaff, Arizona creating a ghostly scene in the forest. As the wind blew the trees would sway back and forth, the only sounds were the creaking of the trees and howling of the wind. Title: Ghosts of Winter Date: October 2013 Camera: Nikon D800e Lens: 70-200mm [...]

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Stargazer – The Night Sky at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has one of the darkest night skies anywhere in the lower 48 states, meaning it’s one of the best places to see stars, the Milky Way, and even a galaxy. In this photo of the Watchtower at Desert View you can see the Andromeda Galaxy, which appears as a bright, elliptical shaped, [...]

Stargazer – The Night Sky at the Grand Canyon 2015-02-28T16:13:31+00:00

Canyon of Dreams – Grand Canyon National Park

This photo represents what was simply one of the most amazing sights I have ever experienced at the Grand Canyon. A summer rain was illuminated by the setting sun as it fell from the heavens into the canyon. This is the landscape and light that inspires me, the place I dream of, it is the place [...]

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Autumn in the High Country of Arizona

It’s easy to think of Arizona as hot, dusty, and brown, but Arizona is actually an incredibly diverse state with everything from hot low-land deserts to the largest contiguous ponderosa pine forest in North America, and all the way up to the cool air of mountain peaks that reach up to well over 12,000 feet above [...]

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Heavens of the Ancients

Hidden in the canyons of the American Southwest are the remains of a past culture of a people that had to have lived a hard life. The canyons are deep, the desert is hot, and distances are great. This is a place of extremes where a dry wash becomes raging torrent after a thunderstorm miles [...]

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A Magnficient Autumn in Colorado

Fall Color in the San Juan Mountains With a full Grand Canyon workshop schedule, I had serious doubts that I was going to be able to make it to Colorado for fall color. After hearing reports about the color, and how good it looked, I jumped in the truck and drove 9 hours just to [...]

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Anticipation of Sunset

Waiting for the Light at the Grand Canyon A peaceful late-summer evening on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. I stand on the rim watching the clouds move across the landscape. I know the sun is there, but its blocked by the clouds, and every time it looks like it will appear…another cloud moves [...]

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Youthful Inspiration – Working with Kids at the Grand Canyon

Each summer, for the past 4 years, I have spent time volunteering at Grand Canyon National Park with the Parks in Focus program. I recently spent an afternoon working with a group of kids on the rim. We talked about composition, light, color, and the impact that artwork, including photography, can have on the creation and [...]

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