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Grand Canyon Photo of the Week – The Rainbow

Today I’m introducing a new photo series, the Grand Canyon Photo of the Week. Each week I’ll post an image from the Grand Canyon and share the story behind the photo. The inaugural photo is a classic Grand Canyon scene captured from a classic viewpoint, Mather Point, on the South Rim of the park. Moments [...]

Grand Canyon Photo of the Week – The Rainbow 2015-02-28T16:29:32+00:00

Lightroom 3 book by Nat Coalson

It’s no secret that I use a computer to process, sort and catalog my library of images. About two years ago I began a transition from Adobe Photoshop to Adobe Lightroom to better manage my workflow. Photoshop has, and continues to serve me well, but it is not optimized for photographers, despite the name. I [...]

Lightroom 3 book by Nat Coalson 2015-02-11T09:17:25+00:00

Purple Mountain Majesty

Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Colorado It’s that time again…time to sort through the image archive and cut a few (thousand) photos. This time I find myself sorting through work shot in 2008. I actually like doing this because occasionally you come across something you may have overlooked. This scene of the Sangre de [...]

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